Group Class Schedule

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

Chakra Yoga
@ Renegade Yoga Center
Tuesdays & Thursdays,

Chakra yoga is sequenced with the intention of aligning the energy centers of the body. There is a strong focus on alignment to achieve the optimal flow of energy. Rather than focusing on how a pose ‘looks,’ we will focus on how the pose ‘feels.’ Each class will begin with a breathing exercise, chakra inspired yoga pose sequence, and a guided meditation. Beginners to advanced practitioners can all benefit. This class is not heated.

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Valery Soltis

Warrior One

ViniYin Yoga
@ The Yoga Mix
Wednesdays, 5:15pm

Release stress and tension in the body and the mind with gentle and rhythmic movements, lubricating the joints and relaxing the muscles. Longer held Yin poses are weaved throughout the practice to release the soft tissue and practice the art of stillness and surrender. Both ViniYoga and Yin Yoga are excellent counters to the more demanding, or yang, yoga disciplines. Beginners to advanced practitioners can all benefit.

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Valery Soltis