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Why Book A Private Session?

Group yoga classes are extremely beneficial and Valery encourages everyone to attend group classes for support, inspiration and ongoing maintenance of the body, mind and spirit. In addition to attending group classes, Valery highly recommends trying at least one private session. It is a very different experience, as the energy work and emotional aspect are much stronger and individualized in a private session. The benefits of private yoga sessions will expedite your yoga practice and transformation process exponentially. The moment you enter Valery's private yoga space, it becomes a sacred space that is being held just for you- free of judgement and expectations and full of encouragement and understanding.

With a therapeutic approach to yoga, there are no preset answers or movements for a particular issue. Internal pain sensations are often referred from other areas of the body being out of balance or from unexpressed emotions that are trapped within the body. The goal is to look for answers and develop a practice by addressing the whole person: postural habits, balance of musculature, tension patterns, previous trauma, chakra blockages, diet, lifestyle, stressors, responses to stress, self-care and self-talk.

What to Expect: A Typical Private Session

An image of some people doing yoga exerc

After gathering information about your physical pain, limitations, posture, mental and emotional state, Valery will begin the session, using postures, tools and techniques to address your specific needs.


Her "tool belt" consists of several techniques such as: Restorative yoga, SomaYoga, Viniyoga, Bio-energetic Grounding, gentle hands on touch, breath work, guided meditation, guided relaxation, and Hatha yoga postures that address the individual’s specific health concerns and/or limitations.


Subsequent sessions will start with a check-in, determining what you would like to get out of the session. For instance, you may want to minimize pain in a targeted area, calm your mind, or seek emotional support for feelings such as fear, shame, or guilt that may be trapped in the body. Since each body and mind are unique, each yoga practice will be unique as well.

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