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“I had done traditional yoga before, but 
really had no idea what Therapeutic Yoga 
entailed.  I gave it a try and it has made all 
the difference in the world with my pain, 
and how I deal with stresses in my life. 
Valery has given me the tools to keep the 
same type of pain from occurring again, 
and even better she has taught me how to 
really breathe and be in the moment.”

Wendy G, Personal Trainer

“I appreciate yoga in that it is an effective way for me to focus. I find yoga both calming and challenging. I intentionally slow down and seek attunement to my body, mind and spirit. Valery is very supportive, and also honors my limits, and at age 69, I have some. ”

Paul B, Family & Marriage Counselor

“I began my yoga journey about nine months ago and have had such a wonderful experience. Valery is a superb instructor! She ensures that her students understand the interconnectedness of the body and even the emotional and spiritual connection to the physical body. I especially appreciate the soul stillness and mental calm that I achieve by the end of each class. It is not uncommon for me to arrive at a place of complete relaxation at the conclusion of each session. Valery is constantly educating herself in new techniques/positions/stretches and joyfully shares her enthusiasm and passion with each student. ”

Caroline H, Bookkeeper

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